Hot Dogs, fruit, and drinks are free for St. Patrick’s children and staff.

For guests we ask that you contribute $3.50 for your meal (hot dog, fruit and drink). Please pre-order & purchase the number of extra hot dogs you would like so we have enough available for everyone during the day.

Included with the meal is one large hot dog, buns (GF on request), toppings, watermelon slices, a drink, and a sweet treat (freezie or popsicle)


Hot Dog Meal Order
A copy of your fun day order will be emailed to you.
Remember - one hot dog, fruit, drinks, and treat are free for students & staff; this is for additional guests joining us for Fun Day.
Please send your payment with your youngest St. Patricks' student.
$ 0.00
Fun Day - Volunteers
All volunteers will be contacted by the Hot Lunch Coordinator