“Care for our Common Home”

Parent Memo

  Monday, March 27

  • School reopens after Spring Break

  Tuesday, March 28

  • 12:00pm – Intermediate Choir practice

  Wednesday, March 29

  • 12:00 – Liturgy Choir practice
  • 2:00pm – Dismissal
  • 2:00pm – Gr. 4/5 Girls’ Soccer practice

  Thursday, March 30

  • Celtics Day – St. Patrick’s Colours’ day
  • 8:00am – Spelling Bee practice
  • 12:00pm – Primary Choir practice

  Friday, March 31

  • 8:45am – Grade 2 Family Reading


  • Your child’s report cards are coming home – please ensure that your child gives it to you! Report card covers to be returned to teacher after Spring Break
  • Please mark your calendars for our Parent Support evening on Thursday, April 6th at 6:30pm. This is a very important evening, mandated by our Archbishop for parents of students in Grades 4-7. Please note that there will not be a general session this year, just the breakout sessions in each classroom.
  • Track and Field participation notices went home today.
  • Please keep Shannon McKenzie in your prayers as she goes in for an important surgery on March 14th. Our community’s combined power of prayer is important and requested at this time.
  • Congratulations to our Tier 1 boys volleyball team and their coach Mr. Loretan who won first place! You showed wonderful sportsmanship and Celtic Spirit – Go Celtics!
  • Thank you to Mr. Johansen and Mr. Scott who have volunteered to coach our Grade 4/5 girls’ Soccer team!

  Wishing you all a very safe and restful Spring Break. See you back on March 27th!


Yours in Christ,

 C. Heah