Friday, March 2, 2018

  Monday, March 5

  • 12:00pm – Intermediate Choir
  • 3:00pm – Media Club
  Tuesday, March 6

  • 12:00pm – RC Challenge
  Wednesday, March 7

  • 12:00pm – Liturgy Choir
  • 12:30pm – Hot Lunch – Fried Rice
  • 2:00 – Dismissal
  Thursday, March 8

  • 8:00am – Intermediate Spelling Bee practice
  • 10:00am – Grade 5 Curling
  • 12:00pm – Primary Choir
  • 2:00pm – Grade 4 Assembly
  Friday, March 9

Celtics Day – St. Patrick’s Day colours!
Proceeds to Parish Syrian Refugee Family)
  • 8:15am – Liturgy Choir
  • 8:45am – 9:00am – Gr. 2 Family Reading
  • 9:15am – School Mass led by Gr. 7
  • 3:15pm – Math Club Meeting
  • Report Cards go home
  • A reminder to all choir members – your singing at Mass this coming Sunday at 11:00am. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voices with the parishioners of our parish!
  • Registration packages are now overdue. New families registrations opened today. If you have not yet submitted your package for next year, please be advised that your spot for September will be in jeopardy. We have many new families wanting to come to our school.
  • April Hot Lunch Order Forms came home today, they are due Wednesday March 7th – before we have our Spring Break
  • Your tax receipts are available in the school office for pick up
  • Thank you for your attention to your child’s school uniform. We have noticed an improvement in the last couple of weeks with respect to following uniform policy. A couple of items that still need reminders:
  1. If you have frayed sweaters or uniform items with holes, please note that these need to be repaired or replaced. If you believe that these issues are due to quality, please contact Cambridge uniforms and share your concern with them. They are always very accommodating in helping parents with uniform pieces that are defective.
  2. Hoop or dangling earrings are not permitted due to safety concerns (especially during recess and P.E.). As per policy, stud earrings remain the only acceptable form of earring.
  3. Hair accessories need to be minimal – please refrain from big bows or other large and colourful hair accessories.
  4. Uniform infractions are to be signed and returned to school in a timely manner.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our school.

Yours in Christ,

C. Heah