“Care For Everyone In Our Common Home”
Parent Memo

  Monday, May 7

  • 12:00pm – Intermediate Choir
  Tuesday, May 8

  • CISVA Spelling Bee finals – Good Luck Karl Estampador!
  • 12:00pm – R.C. Challenge
  • 2:30pm – Track & Field tryouts at M.R.S.S. – pickup promptly @ 4:00pm at M.R.S.S.
  Wednesday, May 9

  • St. Thomas More Choral Festival
  • 12:00pm – Liturgy Choir
  • 2:00pm – Dismissal
  Thursday, May 10

  • Grade 6 Immunizations
  • 12:00pm – Primary Choir
  • 2:30pm – Track & Field tryouts at M.R.S.S. – pickup promptly @ 4:00pm at M.R.S.S.
  Friday, May 11

  • 9:15am – Mother’s Day Mass / Crowning of Mary – led by Grade 3
  • 12:00pm – Grade 6 to Wizard of Oz at the ACT Theater
  • 3:00pm – Flag Football practice
  • A HUGE thank you to all staff, parents and students who made our production of The Lion King such a big success! I hope to make the DVD available for sale – stay tuned!
  • All mothers and grandmothers are invited to join us for our Mother’s Day Mass on Friday as we honour our Mother Mary and all of the mothers in our school and parish community.
  • Students who wish to bring a flower to place at Mary’s feet during Mass are invited to do so. Please don’t go and purchase a bouquet from the store – a simple flower from the garden will do! As well, next week, Grade 1 and 6 students are invited to bring a flower for our Marian table at the school office.
  • Track and Field practices will be at M.R.S.S. next week as we will be holding tryouts for the next set of Track Meets. Our first two meets of the season as well as the upcoming Cloverdale Catholic Meet (Gr 2-4) are intended to give all students the opportunity to participate. The next track meets however, have a set number of athletes that can compete for each event, therefore not all athletes will be able to attend. Please remember to pick up your child at 4:00 at M.R.S.S. for next week’s practices. More information to come from Mr. Seiler next week.
  • Celtic Club Registration Forms for 2018-2019 are available on the school website or in the school office.It is time to submit your registration for the upcoming school year to the school office or to the Celtic Club staff.
  • The Medic Alert Foundation of Canada is offering free medical identification bracelets to all children ages 4-14.  Please stop by the office to pick up an application brochure.
  • Yearbook orders will no longer be accepted at the school office, you can place your order online if you still wish to order a yearbook for your family.
  • Photo orders – please see the email sent earlier today for details regarding the ordering of Panoramic and Graduation (gr. 7) photos.
  • Please be reminded of the date change for our next Hot Lunch – originally schedule for Wed., May 16th rescheduled for Thurs., May 17th 2018

Thank you for your ongoing support and have a wonderful weekend.

Yours in Christ,

C. Heah