2020 – Neufeld Farms Fundraiser

We are so excited to announce a partnership with Neufeld Farms just in time for the holidays! Please find below

  • How to order
  • How to pick-up and expected procedures;
  • and at the end the individual forms which you need to print, fill out, and send in with your payment to the school
All forms and payments are due by November 13th.
Late payments/orders will not be accepted.
Delivery to the school on Saturday, November 21st, 2020 at 10 am

We are asking that on pick-up day parents proceed to the drive thru lane and remain in their cars. We will have the blacktop/basketball area set up with the delivery truck and a table, we will pull orders and text the appropriate family to pull into the blacktop area and pop their trunk for pick up. AGAIN, PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE. We will have members of the Fundraising Committee there to load your orders into your trunks.  If it’s necessary to get out to open your trunk, please be mindful of social distancing while you are doing so.  No contact necessary and it makes it safer for all involved. 

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