The Jaskiewicz Family

When our youngest turned five in January 2012, we knew Kindergarten was just around the corner! We honestly never gave a second thought about enrolling her at St Patrick’s Elementary School. As a Catholic school, we knew that developing her faith would be the focus of her years spent here. St Patrick’s has excellent teaching and support staff led by faith-filled inspirational administration where our children have blossomed into responsible young stewards of their faith. Our daughters have made wonderful friendships with their peers as they move through early to older childhood. Challenges inside and out of class are met with open reception to help the students resolve differences. We love that our children have had wonderful opportunities to participate in field trips, sports, music, art, drama, RC Challenge, Spelling bees, Math contests as well as Reading Link challenges.

We could not imagine any other learning environment for our children. We know that their Catholic faith which is nurtured here at St Patrick’s will be their foundation as they navigate through life’s many challenges.

Jaskiewicz family



Mom of Ty & Joey.

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