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Christian Education

Because “promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic school,” Catholic education goes beyond the technical and practical aspects of schooling to help students integrate every area of knowledge within a Christian vision of the human person. The school recognizes that the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual dimensions of human development must tend to a personal synthesis of faith and life in each student. Growth in these areas prepares students for a life of service, building the Kingdom of God in society.


Music Education

In Music class, students will develop their enjoyment, awareness, and appreciation of music. The music program covers all the Elements and Skills that encompass the study of music as outlined in the provincial Music Curriculum.

Extra Curricular Offerings

Students have the opportunity to participate in following:

Primary Choir Gr. 1-3
Intermediate Choir Gr. 4-7
Liturgy Choir Gr. 3-7

Sectional practice for Band students in Gr. 6-7


Physical Education

We are committed to educating the mind, the body and the spirit of each of our students. Physical education is an integral part of a child’s total education. Our curriculum is based on British Columbia’s Standards for Physical Education and incorporates strategies from other Catholic diocesan school systems.


Extra-Curricular Offerings

Students have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Basketball (gr 5-7)
  • Cross-Country (gr 2-7)
  • Track & Field (gr 3-7)
  • Volleyball (gr 5-7)

Additionally, we provide enrichment programs throughout the year for all students.

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