Hot Lunch Program

Welcome to the 2021/2022 Hot Lunch Program

St. Patrick’s Hot Lunch program is run by a volunteer team of parents who organize hot lunches as a special treat for the students, on average every two weeks.  For the 21/22 School Year, we are excited to be able to again offer in-house baked treats 1x per month, in addition to vendor-based lunches 2xs per month.  We are also excited to again prepare our annual Christmas Lunch, Fun Day lunch, and the Grade 7 Farewell party.

When feasible, the Hot Lunch team offers Gluten Free and/or Vegan options for those who require it.

If you ever have questions, concerns, or comments about the food provide, please email our coordinator at [email protected]

Hot Lunch Order Forms

2021/2022 Hot Lunch Schedule

  • WED – Sept 22 – Domino’s Pizza
  • WED – Oct 13 – Loz Takos
  • WED – Oct 27 – Brownies Chicken & Fries + Homemade Dk. Chocolate Brownies
  • WED – Nov 10 – Tim Hortons
  • WED – Nov 24 – Dominos Pizza
  • WED – Dec 15 – Brownies Chicken – plus gift from HL Team
  • WED – Jan 12 – Cancelled due to late start
  • WED – Jan 26 – Domino’s Pizza
  • WED – Feb 9 – Loz Takos
  • WED – Feb 23 – Brownies Chicken
  • WED – Mar 9 – Tim Hortons
  • WED – Mar 30 – Domino’s Pizza
  • WED – Apr 13 – Burger King + TCBY
  • WED – Apr 27 – Loz Takos
  • WED – May 11 – Brownies Chicken
  • WED – May 25 – Dominoes Pizza
  • WED – June 8 – Tim Hortons
  • WED – June 22 – Burger King + TCBY
  • JUNE 24 – GRADE 7 Graduation – Farewell Party
  • JUNE 28 – Morning treats for parents
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