1. In the morning parents are welcome to drop students off in the designated drop-off area.
  2. The drop-off area is for stopping to let the children out of the car only. The driver should never get out of the car.
  3. When pulling up at the drop-off area, drive as far ahead as possible to allow cars behind to pull up as well.
  4. Never let your child out of the vehicle before you have reached the designated drop-off area. Dropping off before this area causes frustration and slows traffic, but most importantly it is a safety concern.
  5. A parent supervisor will be present to make sure the drop-off area rules are followed. Following their directions will create a safer and quicker drop-off area.

Timing of the Gates

St. Patrick’s Parish and School grounds have several new gates in place to assure student safety.

The gate on EDGE Street is CLOSED during morning drop-off.

All gates are closed at 4pm daily. Exit from the parish and school are onto 121 Ave, East-bound one-way street.

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