In Music class, students will develop their enjoyment, awareness, and appreciation of music. The music program covers all the Elements and Skills that encompass the study of music as outlined in the provincial Music Curriculum.

Elements of music include:

  • Duration (rhythm and beat)
  • Pitch (melody and harmony)
  • Form (repetition and contrast of musical ideas, phrases, sections, genres and styles)
  • Expression (controls such as tempo and dynamics; tone color, meaning, purpose.)

​Skills involved in music study and performance are:

  • Singing
  • Listening
  • Moving (to extend musical understanding)
  • Literacy (reading and writing music notation)
  • Playing Instruments (at St. Patrick’s, we have a wide variety of non-pitched percussion instruments, Orff instruments, recorders, guitars, depending on grade level. Students begin playing the recorder in grade four. Recorders are purchased by the school and students have the option of buying a recorder for home practice from the school.)
  • Creativity (students will be given opportunities to improvise and use their creativity to contribute to the development of their music skills.)

Throughout the year, Grade One to Six students will continue to understand music concepts and develop music skills, with a focus in:

Class Expectations:

  1. Participate in Music Class Activities
  2. Show Respect to Others and to the Instruments
  3. Follow Directions
  4. Do Your Best and Have Fun

Extra-curricular choir sessions are offered throughout the year to prepare for different school and community performances, Christmas Concerts and other special events as they arise during the year. Choirs are offered to Grade 1-7 students. Band program is offered for Gr. 6&7 students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments during the year at the school at 604.467.1571 or email eboronco@stpatsschool.org.

I look forward to many wonderful music experiences with the children, and encourage our developing young musicians to ask questions, participate, and let me know how they’re doing!

Musically Yours,

Mrs. Emilia Boronco

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