Grade 7

Grade 7 – Term 1:

During the first term, the students will continue to develop skills on the their instruments in band. They will participate in various activities related to the playing and performance. Through our non-directed listening program, the students will continue to enhance their listening skills as they broaden their listening experiences. The students will also be assessed on their participation in the Christmas musical, which includes the singing of songs of greater difficulty, with a concentration on in-tune singing.

It is expected that students will be able to:

  • participate in various roles related to music activities (e.g., ensemble member);
  • maintain individual parts while respecting the work of the ensemble;
  • demonstrate music notation reading skills (in both treble and bass clef);
  • demonstrate conscientious effort in classroom activities;
  • listen carefully and respectfully to music;
  • sing in-tune with large group; and
  • cooperate with and respect others.

Grade 7 – Term 2:

During the second term, the students will work on their vocal and dramatic skills during the Christmas Play. They will continue to develop their skills and correct technique on the guitar, playing more difficult music and reading more difficult rhythms. In addition, the students will continue to develop their listening skills through our non-directed listening program.

It is expected that the students will be able to:

  • sing songs of greater difficulty in tune;
  • demonstrate conscientious effort in concert preparations and all classroom activities;
  • display a positive attitude towards musical learning;
  • read musical notation and rhythms with increasing fluency;
  • play guitars using correct technique;
  • understand theory used in text and discussed in classroom activities;
  • listen carefully and respectfully to music; and
  • develop discipline and confidence through experiences that require focused and sustained practice.
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