Primary students (K – 3) will have their school supplies supplied by St. Patrick’s School (no purchase necessary).
Intermediate students (4 – 7) will need to purchase their own supplies.
You have two options; you can purchase your supplies on your own or St. Patrick’s has once again teamed up with Creative Children for student school supplies on-line ordering.

Intermediate Grade 4-7

Grade 4 Student Supply Lists

Grade 6 Student Supply Lists

Grade 5 Student Supply Lists

Grade 7 Student Supply Lists

Ordering link:
Your student school supply packs can be ordered ONLINE @’s-school-maple-ridge+

Please note:
Part A: The essential pack with items chosen by your teacher. This comes as a package deal with all items listed included.  Items cannot be changed, substituted, or omitted.
Part B: You MUST have all Part B items. Individual items may be purchased from us by adding them to your Pack order or bring them in from home.  Part B items must be ordered at the SAME TIME as the Part A pack. You cannot come back to the website and order Part B items separately.

1. Orders placed on-line BEFORE Sunday, July 5th will be shipped FREE to the school.

2. Orders placed on-line AFTER Sunday, July 5th will be subject to a ship fee of $10.25 (including taxes) and will be shipped to your home. Packs will have a tracking number that will be emailed to the parent/guardian 24 hours after it is processed by Canada Post.

3. Orders placed on-line AFTER Sunday, August 9th will be subject to a ship fee of $13.50 (including taxes) and may not arrive before the start of school (shipping times will be dependent upon order volumes at this time).

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