Hot Lunch Suggestions Survey

This is the first year where Hot Lunch is fully ordered from local vendors and restaurants. While we cannot guarantee every restaurant will work with us; we would really love and appreciate suggestions from you as to the type of lunches we can continue to provide that will make Hot Lunch a special day for your children. The Hot Lunch team's involvement with the food on the actual day of hot lunch is minimal this year. Our team is responsible only for counting out of the beverages and providing classrooms with the list of orders. The vendors count the orders for each classroom directly into a classroom-specific delivery box or bag.
Terrible! Don't use again.Prefer not.NeutralA good choice to use again.Loved it! Please use again!
Dominos Pizza
Loz Takos
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Subway Sandwiches
Burger King
As you reflect on these current vendors, please know that KFC, Subway, and Burger King in Maple Ridge had never before provided Hot Lunch for a school. This was their first time. Subway made many key errors - including Tomatoes (when specifically told not to); including mustard and mayo (when specifically told not to); making the pizza subs a cold sub with a spicy salami without informing us of this change to the expected menu. If we are to use them again, these issues will continue to be addressed.
Thank you again for your help and support!

Jen Juhasz

Mom of Ty & Joey.

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