Mr. Heah’s Update

Dear Parents,

I look forward to seeing you this week for pick up and drop off of school materials.
Hopefully I will have a chance to say goodbye to all of you in person. Please see the following list of teachers for next school year:

  • Kindergarten: Mrs. Prinster
  • Gr. 1: Mrs. Cheng
  • Gr. 2: Mrs. McBride
  • Gr. 3: Ms. Schroeder
  • Gr. 4: Mrs. Newill & Mr. Brooks
  • Gr. 5: TBA
  • Gr. 6: Ms. Martin & Mr. DeGuzman
  • Gr. 7: Mr. Geary 
  • L.A.C.: Mrs. Kravjanski & Mrs. Stradeski
  • P.E. (60%): Mrs. Murphy
  • Music: Mrs. Boronco
  • French: Mrs. Sketchley

*Please note that there will be no changes to the bubble classes. The students will stay together in the same classes for next year

Gr. 4: Mrs. Newill will be taking Ms. Schroeder’s class & Mr. Brooks will be taking Mrs. Cheng’s class. 

Gr. 6: Ms. Martin will be taking Mr. Geary’s class & Mr. DeGuzman will be taking Ms. Hargrave’s class. 

My last day at St. Patrick’s School will be Friday, July 3. After this date, any communication can be sent to the new principal, Mrs. Fonseca at [email protected] 

God bless,

Clive Heah | Principal

St. Patrick’s School

Maple Ridge


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