Oct 16 & 31 2019 Hot Lunch Order Forms

Nutritional information will be available by Friday, Sept 27.

Ordering for the October 16 and 31 Hot Lunches is now closed.

For late orders, questions or technical difficulties, please email [email protected].
Thank you!

Nutritional Information:

October 16 – BROWNIES Chicken & Potatoes Nutritional Information

October 31 – Halloween Special, made in-house by the Hot Lunch Team.

Mummy Dogs – Kirkland brand all-beef hot dogs wrapped in thinly sliced Pillsbury Crescent Dough (contains Gluten and probably soy – I’ll photograph the packaging and post)

GF/Vegan Mummy Dogs – Beyond Meat has a Vegan/GF Brat-style sausage that we’ll be using. We make an in-house GF dough that we wrap the sausages in. Soy free, GF, Vegan.

Fruit Side – As pictured. The chocolate chips will be natural, gf/vegan chocolate as available by either No Whey, Enjoy Life, or other brand (but it IS still real chocolate – no substitutes).

Ghostey Cupcake Dessert – Nutritional info coming soon – email [email protected] if I’m not prompt enough with this.

Witches Brew Special Drink – Lemon-carbonated water with fruit punch, frozen until slushy; contains a Gummy eyeball on top.


  • Martina Hume

    Just wondering what is in the “house sauce” for the brownies chicken. Is it mayo based? Does it have eggs? For the pillsbury crescent dough, are there eggs and oats in the dough?
    What is in the gummy eye ball, in terms of, is there any egg white?
    Also, please I would like to see the cupcake info.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Martina,
      Thank you for your comments. I don’t have more information on the salad dressing from Brownies. They did not supply me with nutritional information for that side (though I did ask).
      Pillsbury Crescent Rolls’ Nutrition information can be found here : https://www.pillsbury.com/products/crescents/original. They do not contain Milk or Eggs and appear to be a Vegan product!
      I have not purchased the Gummy Eye Ball yet, so I do not have nutritional information for it. It will be the standard ‘gummies’ that are sold everywhere – if it is in question, please advise your son to remove it from his drink.
      The standard chocolate muffins will have eggs in them. The GF/Vegan ones will not. If you send an email to [email protected], we can print out a custom label for your son that reminds us to give him a standard Mummy Dog with a Vegan cupcake.
      Thanks again!

  • Martina Hume

    What dressing is in the Brownies salad?
    Thank you.

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