Statement from Deacon Henk

Dear Parents,

Please see attached statement from our Superintendent of Schools, Deacon Henk Luyten.

Kind regards,

Clive Heah | Principal
St. Patrick’s School, Maple Ridge
604-467-1571 (t) 

Catholic Independent Schools

of Vancouver Archdiocese

Office of the Superintendent 

March 18, 2020
Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff,
My prayers and those of our office go out to the members of our community directly affected by COVID-19. The challenge of dealing with the global pandemic and its consequences will make the weeks ahead difficult for all of us. It is important to remember, however, that there will ultimately be an end to this pandemic. As friends, families, schools and Church, our task is to work together with Christ to help each other safely reach this end.
The letter from Education Minister Rob Fleming, which I asked our principals to circulate to you yesterday, outlines in a broad way how the Ministry of Education is guiding all schools in British Columbia through this crisis. I ask you please to carefully read this letter as it addresses some of the questions you are likely to have regarding your child’s education after spring break.
All schools have been directed by the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, to immediately suspend in-class learning which means our students will not be in our schools after spring break. In consultation with the Ministry of Education, the CISVA Superintendent’s Office and our schools, plans are currently being developed that will ensure a continuity of learning that will be communicated to you in due course. Perhaps most importantly, Minister Fleming has given us the directive that “all students on track to move to the next grade will do so in the fall” and “every student eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate.”1 
As we receive information over the next days and weeks, our office is coordinating with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Federation of Independent School Associations in BC and our schools, in order to be ready for students to resume learning after spring break. I know that you have many more questions. We are working hard with our many partners to determine appropriate and accurate answers. Coordinated effort takes time and I thank you for your patience. We are creating an FAQ that will be posted and regularly updated on our website2 that will address many of your concerns. 
I am asking our hard-working school administrators to allow teachers to rest during spring break with a minimum of interruption. The first days after break will provide enough time to prepare for the continuity of learning for each school. These will be busy days and we need all our school personnel to be rested and healthy.

I urge you strongly to continue to follow Ministry of Health guidelines to keep you and your families healthy.3 Please pray for all those affected by COVID-19 and those caring for them in our homes and hospitals.
Yours in Christ,
 Deacon Henk Luyten Superintendent
cc: CISVA Pastors 
      CISVA Board of Directors

1 Education Minister Rob Fleming’s letter dated March 17, 2020

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