Weekly Update for St. Patrick’s School Community, February 26, 2021

And a cloud came, covering them in shadow; and from the cloud there came a voice, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him.’Mark 9:7

Dear Families,

Can you think of a time where you heard your parent’s voice and you know you had to listen or else? Have you every used that voice with your own child? Growing up, my mom only had to give me a look and I knew that I was going to get in trouble if I didn’t smarten up. That sharp reprimand was enough to remind me of right and wrong. Some days I hear my mom’s phrases coming out of my mouth to my own children!

Now imagine being up at the top of the mountain with Jesus, Peter, James and John. They saw Jesus transfigured on the mountain and heard a voice from heaven say, “This is my Son the Beloved; listen to him!” If they ever had a doubt as to who Jesus was, the answer was given to them, loud and clear. God gave them a command: Listen to him.

God’s teachings are almost as simple as what He instructed them on that mountain. The theology behind it may be more complicated, but what we are commanded to do over and over again is simple. It is the Golden Rule. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, and love your neighbour as yourself.

This week we celebrated Kindness Awareness, but as I have repeated over and over on the PA system, kindness should be practiced DAILY. This is how it becomes intrinsic and part of our character. We do not need to be friends with everyone but we need to respect everyone.

Yours In Christ,

Mrs. Maria Fonseca

What’s New?

Hot Lunch order form – Burger King

The Hot Lunch order form is on the website. Please ensure the order and the payment are handed in by March 3rd. Hot Lunch is on March 10th. March 10, Hot Lunch – Burger King | St. Patrick’s School www.stpatsschool.org

Thank You!

Thank you to Tim & Jerome from 1 Vibe Entertainment for the Hip Hop classes this week. The students and staff have enjoyed their classes and we will be putting together a video to be sent home shortly.

New COVID -19 Health Check App

The COVID-19 Daily Health Check website contains the most up-to-date B.C. health guidelines and is user-friendly for children to complete daily. This resource can assist in preventative measures for families and help with the decision on whether students should attend school that day. A mobile app is also available and can be downloaded on iPhone/iPad iOS devices or Android devices.

New COVID -19 Notification Protocols

We have been blessed at St. Pat’s that we have not had to deal with any notifications to families. THANK YOU all for your due diligence in helping to keep our community safe. Please refer to the link below, in the event that notifications need to be made at our school.

In response to feedback received from the public, Fraser Health has worked in partnership with the school districts to streamline the notification process. The new process is designed to:

• Increase our response time in issuing the appropriate notifications
• Decrease the number of emails sent to staff and families
• Increase the accuracy of the notifications. pdf COVID Notification Feb 2021.pdf Download 210.3 KB

Kindness Awareness

Thank you to our Student Leadership Team for planning Kindness Awareness activities this week. They also designed beautiful posters for the school.

Hip Hop Trailer

Here’s a little teaser for the Hip Hop Video coming at ya next week!

St. Pat’s and 1 Vibe Presents…

Virtual Scholastic Book Sale

Right now, the only thing you can view is the handout. Once the Book Fair opens on March 5th, the library of books will be open for you to browse and purchase. Campaign page for Virtual Bookfair virtualbookfairs.scholastic.ca


Please visit the school website to see the current fundraisers! We appreciate all your support!

March 5th – ONLINE ZOOM BINGO & LIVE AUCTION (Parking Spots, Principal for a Day, Hot Lunch for a year and much more!)

March 13th – Last day for Purdy’s Chocolate orders – please follow the link on the schoolwebsite to place your order. Fundraising | St. Patrick’s School www.stpatsschool.org

Week In a Glance

Mon. Mar 1st –

Tues. Mar 2nd – Gr. 2 – First Reconciliation (Group 2)

Wed. Mar 3rd

Thurs. Mar 4th –

Fri. Mar 5th – School Mass – 9:15am

Fri. Mar 5th – Zoom Bingo Night! Join us! Purchase your bingo cards by March 4th. pdf DAILY HEALTH CHECK UPDATED.pdf Download 101.8 KB

Important Dates:

Mar. 5th: School Mass 9:15

Mar. 10th: Hot Lunch – Burger King

Mar. 12th: Report Cards go home

Mar. 12th: Celtics Day – St. Patrick’s Colours!

Mar. 15 – 26th: Spring Break

Mar. 29th: School Re-opens!

Mar. 29th: Purdy’s pick up

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