COVID-19 Updated Safety Protocols


At 10am this morning, the Health and Safety protocols for schools were updated. Below is a list that pertains to elementary schools:

  • Masks for students in elementary schools remain a personal choice. We do strongly encourage our students to wear masks indoors.
  • Masks for all staff in all educational settings are now mandatory in all indoor areas, including within the cohort. The only exceptions are when:

– They are sitting or standing at their seat or workstation in a classroom.

– There is a barrier in place.

– They are eating or drinking.

  • Consistent seating arrangements within the cohort are to be implemented.
  • If a student or staff member develops symptoms while at school, they must wear a mask while they are preparing to go home.
  • Physical Education – all activities must ensure that students keep a distance of 2m at all times during physical activity. High intensity activities should be done outside where possible. Any extra-curricular activities should be skills-based, games are not permitted.
  • Music – students must wear masks when singing and keep a distance of 2m.
  • All students, staff and visitors must keep a safe 2m distance with anyone outside of their cohort. Special attention is needed for common areas (staff room, work room, Learning Assistance spaces, the library).
  • If volunteers are unable to wear their masks properly indoors (covering the nose and mouth), please find someone else to cover your shift.
  • Where possible, reusable food containers should be brought to school. All food waste and snack/lunch garbage will be sent home.The Ministry of Education stresses that “if schools operate outside of or beyond the guidelines, you may potentially transfer risk from the health authority to your school.” Simply put, not following these guidelines puts schools at risk!

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