Message from Mrs. Fonseca, January 22, 2021

Weekly Update for St. Patrick’s School Community

Walk with Jesus our Living Hope

January 22nd, 2021

And Jesus said to them, ‘Come after me and I will make you into fishers of men.’

Mark 1:17

Dear Families,

One of my favourite quotes is from the Gospel this Sunday – “Come after me and I will make you into fishers of men”. I am not an avid outdoors person but I do recall going on a few fishing trips as a child. We went mainly because we love to eat seafood so my favourite thing was crabbing and catching smelts. I remember my dad going out to buy the right equipment, spending the time putting bait on the nets and the joy when we were able to bring our catch home.

Just like the act of fishing, when we are called to be “fishers of men”, we too have to have the right equipment. When we share our faith with others we have to be equipped with love for God and abundant prayer. You do not need to be a scholar to share your faith. Through our interactions with others and how we present ourselves, our love for God should be evident.

Recall a child who is just learning about the ways of the world. They are encouraged to follow along and to learn by experiences. We do not give them scholarly work to do, rather we teach them at their level. Similarly, we show someone how to follow Jesus and lead them to have their own experiences.

Let us continue to pray for those who are called to be fishers of men in our community that God gives them the tools to share our faith with others.

Yours In Christ,

Mrs. Maria Fonseca pdf


What’s New?


Registration packages will be sent out on Wednesday, January 27. Your school tax receipts will be attached. Please keep an eye out for the large envelope.

Current Families: February 19th – All forms DUE to ensure your spot is held

New Families: February 25th – In person drop off from 2:00 – 5:00pm or by appointment during office hours (8:30 – 4pm)

Tours are available by appointment only


We would like to showcase the reasons why you have chosen to send your child(ren) to St. Patrick’s School! Please send us an email or a letter to share with current and prospective parents. We will share them on the school website. Feel free to add a family picture if you would like.

MAX 200 words, Due Jan. 27th

Fundraising Update

Cookbook recipes needed! Please see the letter below. pdf Fundraising – Cookbook.pdf Send in your favourite recipes to be included in the community cookbook. Download 52.7 KB

Week In a Glance

Mon. Jan. 25th –

Tues. Jan. 26th –

Wed. Jan. 27th – Hot lunch – Domino’s Pizza

Wed. Jan. 27th – In-House Registration & Tax Receipts to come home

Thurs. Jan. 28th – Confessions – Gr. 7

Fri. Jan. 29th – Celtic Day – Wacky hair & hat day (non-uniform). Send a $1.00 or $2.00

All donations will be sent to the Poor Clare’s in Mission

Important Dates:

Jan 27th: St. Pat’s Family Stories due (please consider sending one in!)

Jan 27th: Registration Packages go home

Jan. 29th: Celtics Day – Wacky Hair/Hat Day – Donations for St. Clares

Feb. 8th – 12th: Catholic Schools Week

Feb. 10th: Celebration non-uniform: Wear Valentines Colours

Feb. 11th & 12th: NO SCHOOL – Catholic Educator’s Conference

Feb. 15th: NO SCHOOL – Family Day

Feb. 17th: Ash Wednesday Mass/Hunger Lunch

Feb 19th: Registration packages – Current families DUE

Feb 24th: Registration packages – New families DUE

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