Temporary Transition Option Update, October 28, 2020

Dear Families,

We have been informed by C.I.S.V.A. that students on the Temporary Transition Plan have the option to extend this until January 4th, 2021 if they choose. C.I.S.V.A. wants to ensure that families feel comfortable sending their children back to school, especially given the recent spike in cases. You are still welcome to send your child to school for the November 16th, 2020 return date. Please let us know by November 9th if they are returning on the 16th.

Please note that the expectation is that teachers dedicate an hour a week to the students on the Temporary Transitions Plan. This does not mean an hour per student, as that would be very difficult for teachers to fit into their schedules, given that they have almost full classes of students to teach. Some teachers may choose to meet with a group, while others may do one to one contact.

Students on the Temporary Transition Plan cannot be assessed to the same level as those students that are physically attending school. As well, students who are learning from home, while still receiving work and some one to one time, are not able to receive the same level of curricular content. We will continue to do the best we can to support students on the Temporary Transition Plan, but want to ensure that parents understand the difference between learning at school and learning from home.

Please email the classroom teacher, school office and myself if you intend to extend this plan for your child(ren) to the January 4th 2021 date. It will help the teacher plan for the coming weeks.

Yours In Christ,

Mrs. Maria Fonseca

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