Mr. Heah’s Update – April 14th 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! As we enter into the second week of remote learning, I trust that the challenges from the first week have sorted themselves out and that you are slowly getting accustomed to the “new normal.” One thing that all of the staff have in common is that WE MISS THE STUDENTS! We have something special planned for the students next week – stay tuned for an email that outlines our plan 🙂 Thank you to all the parents who have emailed me photos of your children at home, learning, playing, helping, and caring. I look forward to putting together a special slide show for the students at the end of the month. I have really enjoyed spending some virtual time with students, and want you to know that my offer to live meet with your child(ren) is an open invitation! I’ve had the pleasure to “visit” with students on their birthdays, see some special work, and even had the opportunity to see some talents I never knew our students had!

We are patiently waiting for the Ministry to unroll the Enterprise version of Zoom so we can continue with live meetings. In the meantime, staff can use Google Meets which is a similar platform. YouTube has changed their privacy policy, stating that children must be 13 years old to access YouTube videos. Any videos that your children are asked to view that are on You Tube will be emailed to parents, not to the students. It is the parents responsibility to share the video with their child(ren), preferably watching it with them. 

I am attaching two items for you. One is a story for Children about COVID 19 that was shared with me by our school psychologist. It is a well-written story that you may want to read to your child(ren) during this uncertain time. Many children don’t full understand what a pandemic is and have many questions. This book serves as a great platform for those discussions. Secondly, I am attaching an Easter letter from Deacon Henk Luyten, our Superintendent. 

God bless,

Clive Heah | Principal
St. Patrick’s School, Maple Ridge

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